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Helps in Relieving moderate to moderately severe pain.
Helps in Treating Pain
Helps in Relieving pain from injury and operation.

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4 reviews for TRAMADOL 50MG

  1. Vin Diesel

    Over the past years, I have been prescribed a multitude of antidepressants, trying every option available. Unfortunately, my depression has proven to be resilient to conventional treatments, leading to what experts refer to as Treatment Resistant Depression.

  2. carlo Bricks

    I’ve been taking tramadol for about 2 years to treat my adenomyosis-related severe back pain and abdominal cramping. Taken just every two weeks during the menstrual cycle. wears off in about 4 hours, but unlike oxycodone or other hard core pain medications, I didn’t get headaches or nausea. This helped me to perform without feeling drowsy and offered me wonderful dreams while I slept.

  3. Richard thomas

    I injured my back by improperly lifting the object. Back discomfort and spasms were a constant for me. Tramadol was taken, and the agony is now utterly gone. It’s magic, this stuff.

  4. Steve Robber

    My chronic pain decreased significantly with only a few manageable side effects. It improved my overall quality of life, allowing me to do the things I love more comfortably.

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